Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Крокодил in fiction and memoirs

Крокодил appears in some Soviet fiction and several memoirs. It is mentioned, for example, in Ch.14 of Ehrenburg's 'The Thaw', Margaret Harrison's 'Marooned in Moscow', and Donald J. Raleigh's 'Russia's Sputnik Generation'. Understanding the way Крокодил features in fiction and memoirs helps to provide a broader understanding of its cultural significance. Can anyone suggest other fictional works or memoirs in which Крокодил is mentioned?

There are lists of memoirs here and here - these works may have references to Krokodil but I have not yet read many of them.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Boris Efimov, 'For Enduring Peace', 1950

I recently purchased a copy of this book. There are some familiar images in it, and it is a fantastic resource.

The book is a collection of around 50 cartoon images.

The depiction of Winston Churchill in Efimov's 1950s cartoons is an interesting aspect of his work. Perhaps Churchill serves as an individual symbol of aggression and suspicion, rather than the personification of British foreign policy? Other representations of Britain dwindle (John Bull, a British lion, for example).

This picture, of Boris Efimov and his son, reading the book after its publication in 1950, appears in Efimov's autobiography.

Vladimir Motchalov

An online autobiography by Vladimir Motchalov, a Krokodil artist during the 1970s.

Boris Efimov Interview

A transcript of an interview with Boris Efimov.

Boris Efimov pages

Some pages featuring images and an online video interview with Boris Efimov, hosted by a group called EST La Memoria, with boasts the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Seventeen Moments in Soviet History

Very useful and interesting site on key moments in Soviet history and culture, including some references to Soviet cartoons and caricature.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Review: 'Komiks: Comic Art in Russia'

Review of Jose Alaniz's book on Russian comics.

Boris Efimov film

Russian Comics online

Russian online cartoon archive. With an English version.

New Zealand Cartoon Archive

NZ's cartoon archive.

Welcome to the British Cartoon Archive - The British Cartoon Archive - University of Kent

Новый Крокодил - New Krokodil

This seems to be the website of Novy Krokodil, although I haven't explored it fully yet.

Comica: London International Comics Festival 2011

A very interesting looking event in London this summer.

Comics Studies at Dundee University

An MLitt in Comics Studies at Dundee University. Possibility of PhD studies there as well.

Krokodil and Russian folklore

Krokodil cartoons very often employed folkloric characters and themes. Soviet graphic satire owed much to pre-revolutionary popular prints...