Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Behind The Iron Curtain:Satire

This is a post from a very interesting blog, which often posts items related to Krokodil and Soviet satire. (Thank you very much for doing so!) I am especially interested in the photos, showing the different ways in which Soviet caricature was consumed by viewers.

Behind The Iron Curtain:Satire

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Efimov - Stalin anecdote.

A famous Efimov anecdote, re-told in an article produced about the time of the artist's death.

Mexican cartoons

Not Soviet, but Victor Alba wrote an important article on Mexican cartoons in 1967, and it is interesting that here is another article on the significance and operation of cartoons in the Mexican political context.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Moscow Inc.

Article on Moscow's urban development and architectural history, of interest to anyone looking into Moscow as it appears in Krokodil.

Moscow Inc.

Interview with Vladimir Paperny

Very interesting interview with an extremely important cultural historian of the USSR. He makes some vital points about the nature of cultural memory, especially in Russia and USSR.

Interview with Vladimir Paperny

British satire

Article on 'Private Eye' - 50 years old. The Victoria & Albert Museum hosts a page on the exhibition, which features a video on the production of a cartoon for the magazine.

Krokodil and Russian folklore

Krokodil cartoons very often employed folkloric characters and themes. Soviet graphic satire owed much to pre-revolutionary popular prints...