Wednesday, 15 July 2015

кино крокодил

Kino Krokodil Мук Мультипликационный крокодил 1

Мук Мультипликационный крокодил 2

Мук Мультипликационный крокодил 3 was not preserved, it seems.

Мук Мультипликационный крокодил 4

Мук Мультипликационный крокодил 5

Мук Мультипликационный крокодил 6

Monday, 29 June 2015

Rainbow warriors

Also interesting that both the pro- and less pro-Putin Twitter are using the same visual methods to make opposite political points.
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Студия 13
The work of Студия 13 is very interesting. In more than one way it's reminiscent of Krokodil imagery, as these two cartoons illustrate. Studiia 13 appear to be a project founded and supported by MGER, Молодая гвардия, the youth wing of United Russia, and interestingly, they were behind the "Without Filters" («Без фильтров») exhibitions earlier this year.

The influence of Soviet-era graphic satire is very clear, in my view, although some of Studiia 13's methods employ much more crudeness than Krokodil, and much less grotesque.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Krokodil's politics in The Thaw

Krokodil always engaged with topical discourses, and in the period of relative artistic freedom after Stalin's death the magazine published a variety of cartoons on various themes, including aspects of domestic politics.

Lekarstvo gor'koye, no dlya zdorov'ya neobkhodimoye. Krokodil, 1953, 20 March, p.7.
Dostukalsya. Krokodil 1956, 28 February, p.11.
Zavodoupravlenie v 19.. godu. Krokodil. 1959, 30 June, p.2.
Untitled. Krokodil, 1959, 10 Dec, p.1
Tvorcheskaya neudacha. Krokodil, 1964, 30 November, p.1.
Untitled. Krokodil, 1963, 30 April, p.8.
V mire biurokraticheskaya nauki i tekhniki. Krokodil, 1962, 10 September, p.2-3.

I tak byvaet. Krokodil, 28 February, p.6.
Untitled. Krokodil 1964, 10 December, p.14.
Untitled. Krokodil, 1964, 20 Aug, p.1.
Zakoldovannyi krug. Krokodil 1964, 10 December, p.14.

Krokodil and Russian folklore

Krokodil cartoons very often employed folkloric characters and themes. Soviet graphic satire owed much to pre-revolutionary popular prints...